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US-8442794-B2: Toolkit for creating appliance diagnostics patent, US-8470876-B2: Lipid composition for the treatment of skin problems in companion animals patent, US-8502382-B2: MEMS and protection structure thereof patent, US-8526126-B2: Objective patent, US-8558827-B2: Data driving circuit, display apparatus, and data driving method with reception signal patent, US-6761392-B2: Multi-part hardtop vehicle roof patent, US-6767302-B2: Hydraulic tensioner patent, US-6812899-B2: Antenna arrangement patent, US-6819178-B2: Selectable single mode or differential mode operation in a single amplifier patent, US-6825849-B1: Method and apparatus for presenting information in accordance with presentation attribute information to control presentation thereof patent, US-6830547-B2: Attachment devices for surgical instruments patent, US-6832966-B2: Plastic movable guide for transmission device patent, US-6839218-B2: Ceramic electronic component having lead wires patent, US-6922789-B2: Apparatus and method for recalibrating a source-synchronous pipelined self-timed bus interface patent, US-6986336-B2: Electronically controlled throttle control apparatus patent, US-7053555-B2: Arc tube, discharge lamp, and production method of such arc tube, which enables brighter illuminance patent, US-7085945-B2: Using multiple thermal points to enable component level power and thermal management patent, US-7190750-B2: Rake receiver for tracking closely spaced multipath patent, US-7193505-B2: Channel-to-channel compare patent, US-7212257-B2: Liquid crystal display device, side backlight unit, lamp reflector and reflection member patent, US-7228411-B1: Method and apparatus to use-volatile read/write memory for bootstrap code and processes by relocating write instructions patent, US-7231471-B2: System using fairness logic for mediating between traffic associated with transit and transmit buffers based on threshold values of transit buffer patent, US-7262881-B2: Method to determine a characteristic of a printing system patent, US-7327067-B2: Actuator modules patent, US-7334987-B2: Fan assembly for vacuum cleaner patent, US-7357210-B2: Vehicle power transmission system patent, US-7364295-B2: Fundus camera patent, US-7379530-B2: Method and apparatus for the safe and rapid detection of nuclear devices within containers patent, US-7392410-B2: Power adapter having power supply identifier information functionality patent, US-7433373-B2: Actively Q-switched laser system using quasi-phase-matched electro-optic Q-switch patent, US-7435109-B1: Spring connector patent, US-7604409-B2: Hydrodynamic bearing member and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-7663660-B2: Image display system and image processing device patent, US-7752378-B2: Partition priority controlling system and method patent, US-7832669-B2: Screw adjust cone crusher patent, US-7884622-B2: Method of adjusting moving position of transfer arm and position detecting jig patent, US-7890963-B2: Vector replacement method patent, US-7898869-B2: Word line voltage generator and flash memory device including the same, and method of generating word line voltage thereof patent, US-7926699-B2: Method and device for transferring a solder deposit configuration patent, US-7940438-B2: Hologram reading apparatus, hologram reading method, hologram recording apparatus and hologram recording method patent, US-7947352-B2: Flexible VCD having domed center and method of making thereof patent, US-8023570-B2: System and apparatus for error control codes based on layering and linear transformations patent, US-8054274-B2: Liquid crystal display device having controlling circuit for adjusting common voltage patent, US-8087116-B2: Electric toothbrush patent, US-8095843-B2: Method of acquiring a plurality of logic signals, with confirmation of state validity patent, US-8228610-B2: Lens injection mold patent, US-8253771-B2: Video call management apparatus and associated methodology of controlling voice and video response patent, US-8314649-B1: Semiconductor apparatus patent, US-8324049-B2: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-8346892-B2: Communication network system of bus network structure and method using the communication network system patent, US-8410966-B2: Current DAC patent, US-8459198-B2: Bouyant hull extension providing lateral and longitudinal control for lightweight hulls patent, US-8465830-B2: Ceramic electronic component patent, US-8483893-B2: System and method of determining train length patent, US-8495453-B1: Circulant processing scheduler for layered LDPC decoder patent, US-8527110-B2: Charge/discharge control device and power generation system patent, US-8552529-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-6748529-B2: Method and apparatus for effecting secure document format conversion patent, US-6771262-B2: System and method for volume rendering-based segmentation patent, US-6771404-B2: Hologram screen patent, US-6785171-B2: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-6796356-B2: Folding shades having minimal sag when folded patent, US-6837364-B2: Clutch and brake for a conveyor drive roll patent, US-6865015-B2: Method and transmission system for optimization of the transmission characteristics of an optical wavelength division multiplex system patent, US-6882745-B2: Method and apparatus for translating detected wafer defect coordinates to reticle coordinates using CAD data patent, US-7029278-B2: Handheld device for applying dental materials patent, US-7062117-B2: Layered board, and apparatus incorporated such layered board patent, US-7120371-B2: Image forming apparatus with heating members having standby mode and low power mode patent, US-7177210-B2: Method for reading fuse information in a semiconductor memory patent, US-7178876-B2: Belt lock with fastening device patent, US-7338307-B2: Electrical connector patent, US-7343538-B2: Programmable multi-function module for automatic test equipment systems patent, US-7353254-B2: Collaborative chat system patent, US-7369667-B2: Acoustic image localization signal processing device patent, US-7417169-B2: Amino alcohol derivatives, medicinal composition containing the same, and use of these patent, US-7501833-B2: Evanescent microwave microscopy probe and methodology patent, US-7552360-B2: Debug and test system with format select register circuitry patent, US-7573129-B2: Contrast interposer stacking system and method patent, US-7578961-B2: Metal powder production apparatus and metal powder patent, US-7711953-B2: Methods and systems that selectively permit changes to a cryptographic hardware unit's state patent, US-7763310-B2: Method and apparatus for thin film/layer fabrication and deposition patent, US-7804257-B2: Control circuit for identifying power adaptor and method for use thereof patent, US-7853897-B2: Information processing apparatus and method, and program patent, US-8015449-B2: Computer, and method for error-detecting and booting of BIOS thereof patent, US-8047114-B2: Band saw blade guide patent, US-8132779-B2: Solenoid valve for brake system and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8170244-B2: Microphone having multiple transducer elements patent, US-8179164-B2: Pulse signal generating device, transport device, image forming apparatus, and pulse generating method patent, US-8284602-B2: Pipe latch circuit of multi-bit prefetch-type semiconductor memory device with improved structure patent, US-8394318-B2: Cooling apparatus of steel sheet, and manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method of hot-rolled steel sheet patent, US-8467080-B2: Printing control system, printing control server, image forming apparatus, program, and printing control method patent, US-6778341-B2: Method for manufacturing light-selective prism patent, US-6836332-B2: Instrument and method for testing fluid characteristics patent, US-6855116-B2: Esophageal stethoscope with carrier members for cardiac pacing and oximetry patent, US-6865184-B2: Arrangement for traversing an IPv4 network by IPv6 mobile nodes patent, US-6891680-B2: Zoom lens system patent, US-6895854-B1: Power cylinder apparatus for supplying varying actuation forces patent, US-6992640-B2: Radome patent, US-7044712-B2: Axial-flow fan patent, US-7057748-B2: Information processing apparatus and method that determines the presence or absence of a printer connected to a network, and storage medium storing program therefor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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